Small Bedroom

5 Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom
Do you have a small bedroom that you have trouble decorating? We have come up with some tips that will make your small bedroom a comfortable sophisticated abode.
  1. Let the natural light flood in
Ample natural light inside the room will make the bedroom appear airy and bright. Make use of drapes and shades which will add style and regulate the flow of light.  
  1. Create an eye-catching focal point
Rooms have a focal point, the spot which seizes attention as soon as someone enters the room. In most cases, this eye-catching focal point is the bed itself. Therefore, you must concentrate on enhancing the head of the bed. You may decorate the room by arranging pillows creatively or installing a small shelf on the wall above the bed or install wall-frames.However, in confined spaces, the gaze is naturally attracted towards the window as well. In order to make these two competing elements fall into place, instead of putting the bed adjacent to the window, position it in front of it and decorate one of them in neutral shades.

  1. Under bed storage
Creating storage in small bedrooms is essential. Otherwise, the room is always cluttered. Under bed storage containers can provide a lot of space.
  1. Decorate the room with mirrors
Mirrors help in making the rooms look larger. In small bedrooms, you can decorate the walls with mirrors or have cupboards with elongated mirrors on the doors. The reflecting mirrors do not just look stylish, they also virtually increase the space.  
  1. Make use of light shades
Darker shades give the feeling of tight and constricted space. On the contrary, light hues make small bedrooms appear spacious. Decorate your room with light-colored furnishings and paint the walls in light hues.