Wood Furnishings

Maintaining and Handling Wood Furnishings
Wood furnishings come in many types and are used for a variety of purposes. Some have an emotional attachment like mementoes, engraved gavels and photo frames, whilst some are part and parcel of everyday life like desks, chairs and dining tables. There are others which are add an aesthetic value to our accommodation like sculptures and decorative carvings. Considering all of these, it is fair enough to say that your favorite furnishing material requires your attention and proper maintenance so that it continues to serve you for a lasting duration. Here are some tips on handling and maintaining wood furnishings.
  1. Dust Frequently
Dusting should never be avoided. Dusting frequently will remove the dirt deposits that accumulate on the furnishings in the form of layers. Use clean and soft pieces of cloth to dust effectively. You can dust with:
  • Wool duster
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Terry towels
  • Feather duster
  1. Maintain Humidity Levels
If the humidity levels either drop or raise above the range of 40 – 45% of humidity, your wood furnishings are at peril. Lower levels will crack the wood whilst higher levels will cause the wood to swell. So a humidifier is required in cold weather and a dehumidifier (air conditioner) in the oppressive, clammy summers.
  1. Cleaning Watermark Rings
If you notice watermark rings on the wood furnishing formed because of wet glass, remember that it is quite possibly on the wax on the wood and can be cleaned by rubbing the area gently with mayonnaise.
  1. Polish to Maintain the Glossiness
Polish the furnishings at least twice a year. Do not make use of silicone products for they seep inside the wood and damage it from inside. Instead, use carnauba wax; it’s hardness makes it feasible. Make use of a lint free cloth (cotton, cheese cloth etc.) to apply the wax and use another cloth made of similar material to polish the wood furnishings.

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