Drywall Patch

Patch a Drywall Ceiling with 7 Easy Steps

Although drywall ceilings do not get damaged as easily as the walls, but when they do, drywall ceilings are repaired differently. So if you are also facing drywall damage in your home, here are 6 easy steps to patch the ceiling all on your own.

  1. First and foremost, measure the damage that needs to be patched on the drywall ceiling. Make sure to measure a square that reaches till the extreme point of the damaged portion.

  1. Take a drywall saw and cut a rectangular or square piece from the ceiling. The damaged portion of the drywall will be removed along with the cut out portion.

  1. Then use the same dimensions and cut out a square scrap piece from the drywall ceiling. Place the square patch onto the hole and if the patch does not fit into the hole then smooth out the pointed edges and resize it according to the hole.

  1. Once the patch fits into the ceiling hole, next you have to create a support for the patch. Secure two wooden cleats in the ceiling to support the square patch. Slide one of the cleats inside the hole in such a way that one half remains behind the undamaged drywall, then secure the cleat using drywall screws.

  1. Then take a layer of drywall compound and spread it onto the cracks between the ceiling and the patch using a utility knife. Remember to fill some compound into the screw holes as well.

  1. Cover the filled joints using a drywall tape but make sure to cut the tape according to the precise measurements so that it doesn’t overlap. After spreading the tape, go ahead and apply a coat of drywall compound onto the whole square. Once the layer gets dried out, apply more coats over the previous one.

  1. Lastly, finish off the procedure by sanding the final compound coat and the ceiling is now ready to be painted.
These were the steps to patch a drywall ceiling, but it’s better to acquire help from drywall repair experts like us and you can rest assured that Joshua Deatherage Builders will repair the damage like nobody can!