Handicap Bathrooms

Handicap Bathrooms: 3 Things You Should Never Forget

Bathrooms these days are built and remodeled with precision and design that makes them look equally beautiful as the rest of the home. But luxury isn’t everything; comfort matters too! Regular bathrooms aren’t always suitable for handicapped people. Therefore, it becomes necessary to build a separate handicap bathroom that includes everything as per their need. Want to know about the things you should never forget when building a handicap bathroom? Read on!

  1. Access to showers and bathtubs

When building a handicap bathroom the first thing that must be considered is that the bathrooms should be accessible by all means. A regular bathtub does not seem appropriate for a handicapped person because climbing up the tub wall is definitely difficult for them. No matter if the tub is just a few inches tall; it’s still preferable to install a walk-in bathtub. Bathing in a walk-in bathtub is much safer than showering and you can also opt for rolling or fixed shower seats. However, a curbless shower is advisable for people showering with their wheelchairs.
  1. Installation of hand rails

Another important component that must be included in a handicap bathroom is the installation of hand rails. A handicapped person needs constant support to stand up from the toilet seat, come out of the tub or shower or even walk around the bathroom. It’s somehow easier to move around for people with a wheelchair as their bodyweight is supported by the wheelchair. But for people without wheelchairs, it is necessary that they should have something to grab and push themselves forward. Hand rails should be installed in the shower/bathtub, near the sink, toilet and the entry door as well. So that the users can get a hold of it, pull the rail towards them and move further.
  1. Anti-slip flooring

Disabled people are more prone to slipping or falling in the bathroom especially when it is wet. So apart from building ramps, steps, rails and walk-in bathtub/shower, you must go a step further and install anti-slip flooring as well. A slip or fall proof coating on your bathroom floors will make the whole place a lot safer, allowing the handicapped person to maneuver around easily without the risk of falling and getting a more serious injury.

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