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Step By Step Guide To Build a Stone Pathway

Are you planning to build a stone pathway in your garden on your own? Well there’s no harm in going for the DIY approach, but you need to know about all the basics of setting up a stone pathway before jumping in headfirst. So incase you don’t know how to do it, here are the steps.
  1. First of all, you have to decide the length and width of your stone pathway and after you are done with all the measurements, remove all the plants placed in that area (if any). Try to remove the plants with the help of herbicides and once the area gets cleared, pour the leveling sand on the area for up to two inches.

  1. Next step is to lay down the stepping stones in the sand! Place the stepping stones with an equal distance of six to eight inches between each stone but make sure to place the stones a little above the sand level. While you set up the stepping stones in the sand, pay attention to the leveling of every stone that whether the new stone is placed at the level of the previous one or not.
  1. You want your stone pathways to be free from maintenance for a long period of time, right? This can be achieved by installing a weed barrier! A weed barrier will keep the stone pathway organized and you won’t have to spend a lot on its renovation while remodeling your home. After leveling and setting up all the stepping stones in place, put the weed barrier over the stones.

  1. Apart from pouring pebbles to bring down the weed barrier, you can also go ahead and fill the surrounding area with pebbles complementing the stepping stones. Just make sure that the pebbles should cover the weed barrier but still remain lower than the level of the stones. Lastly, complete the pathway making by installing edging alongside the boundaries. In addition to keeping the pebbles intact, the edging also provides a neat and finished look to the stone pathway.
These were the steps to set up a basic stone pathway on your own. But we would still recommend taking help from remodeling professionals like us. You can rest assured that Joshua Deatherage Builders will do the job for you like nobody else can!