Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance: 4 Don’ts You Need To Consider

Septic tanks or sewers are often neglected by homeowners and they end up having to deal with a clogged drainage system. Therefore, you must pay attention on the maintenance of your septic tank by avoiding 4 common mistakes mentioned below.
  1. Don’t Deposit Non-Decomposable Materials

Homeowners often deposit things down the sewer which don’t dissolve so easily such as wet paper towels, facial napkins, cooking fats, disposable diapers and cigarette butts. These things do not decompose; they fill up and form a major clog in the septic tank. So the best way to prevent the septic system blockage is to avoid depositing any heavy-duty material which is difficult to dissolve.
  1. Don’t Pour Greasy Solution into the Drain

Letting the greasy solutions go down the drain can be an alarming situation for your septic system. Grease sticks to the pipes which ultimately lead to the plugging of the septic system. No matter what form it is, a greasy solution is most likely to clog your sewer pipes and block the system inlet by building up in the tank. Therefore, it’s advisable to discard all the greasy solutions in a separate container which can be thrown away with the garbage, later on.
  1. Don’t Use Too Much Chemicals

Regular household chemicals like bleaches, cleaning detergents, drain cleaners and other chemical solutions can be used without preventing bacterial action in the system. The functioning of the septic tank won’t disrupt due to these chemicals but you must not pour the water that you have used to clean the latex brushes or cans, down the drain because it has the tendency to plug the septic system.
  1. Don’t Discharge Excessive Water in the Tank

A septic system works on the basis of a fragile biological balance that is why excessive discharge of water in the tank is most likely to reduce the septic system’s ability to work properly. In addition to this, pouring down too much water in the tank beyond the capacity that it can handle will cause the septic system to back up.
While if your tank still faces any damage and needs repair, you can always contact Joshua Deatherage Builders and our septic repair experts will be there at your service!

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