Add Storage Space word messy is almost synonymous with the word playroom. It doesn’t have to be this way though. It is important to keep the playroom as organized as possible, which means that it will need storage spaces. Providing your kids with an assigned spot for everything will not only make your work easier, but will also instill a sense of orderliness in your kids.  

5 Superb Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Kids’ Playroom
If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then here are some creative ideas:

1.    Shelves:

Shelves are a no brainer; however, shelves have a tendency to fall short of spaces for a large number of toys. In order to make it work, ask the builders to make shelves which are deeper and stronger so that they can accommodate large baskets. You can then store all the toys in the colorful baskets and place it on the shelves.

2.    Double Purpose:

If you neither want the storage space to be too obvious nor want it to rob too much of the room’s space, then you could make it serve a double purpose. With the help of professional carpenters, build shelves like that of IKEA’s Expedit ones. Situate them on the floor and place a foam cushion on top of it.

3.    Under the Bed:

When your kids’ room also serves as their playroom, then you need all the storage space you can get. The gap beneath the bed provides one of the best options and is also very accessible for kids. Get customized drawers made to fit under the bed.

4.    Pegboard:

Pegboards are very useful for providing a storage space for all sorts of things. They will also help you keep things organized. If there are things you do not want your toddlers to use without your permission, hang it on the pegboard where it will be out of their reach.

5.    Curtains:

If you are placing all the toys in boxes and on the shelves, they may seem to make the room look ugly. Thus, using curtains can hide them from plain sight.  

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