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Interior Designing Trends to Look Out For In 2016
If all the mainstream furniture in the market is not impressive enough for you, then you can always get one made specifically for your house. In this way, you can rock some of the most trending ideas of 2016 and make your house look infinitely cool. Let’s have a look at what is trending this year:

Bookshelves of the most basic shapes are so last year. 2016 has introduced some of the coolest bookshelf ideas yet. If you are obsessed with a book character or a comic superhero, then you can always get one built with its logo.
  1. Kitchen Drawers:

Drawers and cabinets have always been part of kitchens but this time around, it’s all about large and gigantic kitchen drawers; large enough to hold all your pots and making your kitchen appear squeaky clean and organized.
  1. Heated Floors:

It’s common knowledge to use heated floors in bathrooms but people living in colder regions can install heated floors in their entry way too. This flooring not only looks very pretty, but also melts snow and gives off heat upon entering the house.
  1. Pedestals:

There is always a left out corner in the house that just looks empty. The corner is too small for something spacious and too spacious for something small. Thank goodness for the trends of using pedestals. These pedestals work wonders for lifting the spirit of a room and also provides a nice little space for keeping objects on.
  1. Less-technology:

With the latest technology obsessions, family time has been reduced to zilch but the latest interior design trends are all about shunning the tech. Cozy little living rooms with interactive seating arrangements are a welcomed distraction that allows one to spend more quality time with their family without the interruptive presence of television, laptops, mobiles or any other technological inventions.