Kitchen Cabinets

4 ways In Which You Can Color Your Kitchen Cabinets houses have hearts, then kitchens would be it. Being the brightest and the most used part of the house, the kitchen must always look cheery, clean and welcoming. Due to this reason alone, the kitchen is one of the most frequently remodeled parts of the house. Colors and kitchen trends are always changing; however, there are color combinations that never get old.

If you are thinking about doing something new with your kitchen cabinets, then here’s a guide for you:

1.    Dual Tones:

A light and a dark tone of the same color never fails to make a kitchen look extremely exotic. It mostly works in a way in which the upper cabinets are off in a different tone and the lower cabinets are in a different one. Never play mix and match with these tones or your kitchen will look a clown’s wig.

2.    One Bright Spot:

Another technique that adds character to the kitchen is giving it a splash of color while painting the other cabinets in a lighter shade. For instance, a kitchen with bright white cabinets with only a brightly colored island looks splendid.

3.    Wild Combinations:

Every once in a while, we get a combination idea in our head that makes every person we know cringe. We suggest you go for it! That is the thing about kitchens; it doesn’t play by the rules and any design is a good design as long as you enjoy it and it makes the place look lively. If you think haute pink and lemon yellow will make a great combination then go for it. For all we know, it might be the combination of the year.

4.    Dark with Light:

The extreme opposite colors are one way to go too. People often pair black cabinets with a touch of bright here and there. Similarly, any dark colors can be paired with brilliantly bright colors and you’ll end up with a sophisticated looking place to cook in.

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