Retro your Kitchen

How to Give Your Kitchen a Retro Look

Modernized kitchens with fancy decor and state of the art appliances are too mainstream. Also, all the shiny metallic surfaces and smooth working appliances rarely have their own character. More often than not, it is not the fancy money that impresses people; it is the tasteful art and colors, designs and thoughts that turn heads. If you want to achieve the latter and want your kitchen to have a Retro look, then here are a few important tips for you:

1.    Get The Colors In:

Why do we always give the heartiest parts of our house the most boring themes? Colors exist for a reason; they are here to make thing livelier. Colors also affect our moods and feelings. So, the first tip is to think of a bright and complimenting color combination that you would like to have in your kitchen. Once you have visualized it, plan how you will achieve it. With the help of tiles, wall paints, counter space, floor and appliances, get the theme you desire.  

2.    Curtains:

A retro looking kitchen would never be complete unless it has the colorful flowers and frilly curtains. Just make sure it matches with the color theme.

3.    Floor:

Do not forget about the flooring of your kitchen. If you would like to go all in, then you can get checkered flooring or colorful tile floorings for your vintage looking kitchen.

4.    Accessories:

The best thing about a retro kitchen is its fondness for everyday things in the kitchen. If you have spare polka dot cushions, then bring them to the kitchen. Funky clocks? Hang it on the kitchen wall. Funny looking bright colored linens? Decorate your kitchen with it.

5.    Paint:

The right color on the kitchen walls also helps largely in instantly giving a retro look to the kitchen. In fact, all the efforts will go to waste if the walls look out of place and the same old boring white.
With the right retro look, prepare to have cheerful meals and an enjoyable time preparing them.

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