Small Rooms?

Fate might have given you a small room but your creativity and smartness can make it look otherwise. You need to find a way to organize your essentials in your tiny room but at the same time, make sure that it looks cute and picturesque. Don’t know how to achieve that? Allow us to enlighten you with some smart tips;

5 Ways In Which You Can Make Your Small Room Look Spacious    Windows:

Large windows that can stream lots of sunlight in your room will not only make your room a good place for living, but will also give it a spacious look, especially if the windows are big and made of glass. Also, ditch the curtains and keep the window decorations to the minimum.

2.    Small Room Means Small Furniture:

If most of the space of your bedroom is taken up by your bed, then you need to make a few changes. Go for a smaller bed; if the room is being shared, then go for twin beds pushed on opposite sides of the wall. Downsizing the bed will allow you to add a few more accessories to your room, a lamp being the perfect example.

3.    Use The Wall:

You might be lacking floor space in your room but you have always got the walls to work in your favor. Instead of adding individual bookshelves, use the walls to add customized cabinets and shelves.  

4.    Get The Furniture Made Just For Your Room:

You don’t have to choose a room according to your furniture; rather, you should get furniture made for your room. The right measurements and correct placement will instantly make your room seem larger.

5.    Color Palates:

Even a large room with all the dark walls will look small and claustrophobic. So, be careful of the colors you choose for your room. White is not a charmer either. They key is to use neutral and light-toned colors in combination to add style.