Top 3 Most Used Wooden Materials for Ceilings

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Wooden ceilings are a remarkable idea which can transform the look of your home. This is the main reason why people prefer having them as they look stylish and beautiful. While you may be thinking about which wooden material to use for the ceiling, we have a great idea for you. In addition to looking glamorous, wood is a special material because it is a great sound and thermal insulator.
Besides, you can have a huge variety of woods from the most valuable to the cheapest there are. For wooden ceiling, you can have one in amazing and different materials and styles. Check out some ideas below.  
  • Plywood

Plywood is one of the most sophisticated, contemporary, stylish and expensive form of wooden material that can be used in making a wooden ceiling. It is expensive because it is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Also, the superposed layers of the wood make it look very graceful. It is quite easy to handle too. Since it reflects the natural structure of the wood, many homeowners consider this form for the ceiling.
  • Facing Plates

Facing plates are another fine option for a wooden ceiling. Basically, they are slabs of fine wood. The best part about these panels is that they are waterproof, allowing you to install them in the bathroom and the kitchen as well. Apart from this, the wax impregnation makes it resistant to dirt. Their durable structure cannot be cracked in anyway too.
  • Wooden Panels

If you are looking for a spectacular yet inexpensive option, then go for wooden panels. These are a finished and decorative wooden material for ceilings which are made of fine wood. They can be glued to the ceiling very easily and can give a remarkable look to your home.
Now that you know of the different wooden materials for your ceiling, which one are you planning to install in your home?

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