Cupping: Origins and its benefits for health

Cupping or cupping therapy has been practiced therapeutically by humans for a millennia. There are several historical anecdotes which tell us that it might have been used by the men of Stone Age. There are archeological traces which indicate that hollowed out animal horns were used as cupping objects by pre-ancient man. It was used to suck venom of snakebites and toxins of skin lesions and for the treatment of boils.   

Origin of modern day cupping therapy

Many people give credit to the Chinese for pioneering modern cupping therapy however, the ancient pictorial depiction reveals that the Egyptians were using the cupping therapy as early as 1500 BC. Not only that, the translation of ancient Egyptian medical book named ‘Ebers Papyrus’ also discloses the extensive details of cupping treatment in the book. It provided the detail of how cupping therapy can be used for the treatment of different type of pains, fevers, vertigos, menstrual cycles and lost appetite.
From the Egyptians, the knowledge of cupping was transferred to the Greeks and they had valuable contribution to the cupping therapy. Hippocrates, the famous Greek philosopher and the father of modern medicine cited cupping as the treatment for all type of ailments.
Greeks even successfully used cupping for treating complex medical problems. They applied strong suction of cupping for rectifying the spinal misalignment. Around 200-300 AD, the Chinese took the helm of this technique and made it popular around the region. They started to use cupping in surgical procedures to divert the flow of blood from the surgical site.
In 18th century cupping started to spread in other parts of the world as well. Parts of Europe and America had started the practices of cupping therapy at that time. In the mid of 20th century, one significant milestone achieved by the therapy when it was provided a clinical legitimacy by China and Soviet Union.
In modern times, cupping was always used as a fringe medical treatment however it witnessed the surge of popularity in the first decade of 21st century when some western celebrities adopted this therapy. The historical origins clearly substantiated the fact that cupping therapy must contain several benefits for health.

Relieve chronic pain

Cupping can be very helpful in relieving several chronic pains. For example, it can be very beneficial for neck and back pain. It has also proved to be very helpful to patients to relieve pains related with cancer and its treatment.

Provide relaxation

Cupping helps to lift the pressure from tensed muscles. Shedding this pressure actually helps people to feel less stressful and more relaxed.

Detoxify the body

Apart from antioxidants, cupping therapy can also be used to detoxify body. Many times poor blood circulation can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Cupping therapy enables better blood flow and removes toxins and dead cells out of the body.
The experience which was part of cupping therapy exceeds any other therapeutic treatment. One should give it a try to find out its health benefits.

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