Problems you might face in Remodeling Old Properties

There is no doubt that old houses and properties like old times possess their own charm. Their architectural windows and solid plaster walls are not seen in new constructions. However, not all things go well with old properties, especially when it’s time to renovate and remodel them. These remodeling plans mostly become very difficult and expensive due to the lack of materials in the market.

Worn Out Plumbing

If you are remodeling an old property, then there are strong chances that you have to replace the plumbing system of the house due to severe seepage, which might be affecting the structure of the house. In houses built in the 60s and before, galvanized pipes were used for the purpose of plumbing and for sewer lines.
With the availability of PVC and copper pipes, galvanized pipes are no longer a viable option. They get clogged easily and corrode quickly overtime. Replacing the meshwork of plumbing pipes can be an arduous task and it will also cost you a considerable amount of money.

Old Electrical Wiring System

Old houses also become a safety hazard due to worn-out electrical wiring system.  If you are remodeling your house then you may need to replace or upgrade the old electric panels. If you are losing power while running two electrical appliances, you will need to upgrade to 200 amp services. You may also need to replace 2-prong outlets with 3-prong outlets.
If the house is old, then there are chances that it has a knob-and-tube electrical wiring system. This consists of single-insulated copper wires that are more prone to short circuits. If the house is now hosting all the modern electrical appliances, then you have to change all the wirings of the house.

Outdated Layouts

There is a huge difference between the layouts of present, modern day homes and the old ones. If you are going to remodel your old house on contemporary lines, then you may find house layout a big obstacle in your plans.
For instance, houses built several decades ago don’t have multipurpose spaces like those in  modern residences. These houses have small rooms designated for every purpose. Now you have to spend a lot of money to remodel the internal layout of the house according to new architectural designs. There is also an impending risk that foundations of the older construction will get cracked in the process.

Old Houses Contain Several Hazardous Materials

Many old houses are painted with lead-containing products. The flooring, ceilings, ductwork also contain hazardous material called asbestos.  Asbestos is a  natural fibrous mineral that can inflict deadly respiratory diseases. It is harmless when you are not involved in the scrapping and cutting of the remodeling, but once the process starts, it can become hazardous in the form of dust and powder. With professional help, you can take care of all those hazardous materials while remodeling your old property.

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