Best Innovations In The Domain Of Renewable Energy

With each passing day, the importance of renewable energy is becoming more obvious. With global temperature irreversibly increasing, the traditional ways to harness energy are becoming more dangerous because they are the primary reason behind increased greenhouse emission on the planet.
Since many developed countries are simultaneously working on the project of renewable energy, therefore the sector has been witnessing many technological innovations in this regard. Let’s look into some of these new innovations in the renewable energy sector.

Printable solar panels

Traditional solar panels have been in use for a long time as an alternative energy source. They are usually compromised of photovoltaic cells made of silicon. Now, solar energy is witnessing some smart innovation with solar inks that can be used on plastic rolls of paper size to make solar panels. These printable solar panels will take their place in the renewable sector very soon due to their following distinctive characters.  
· They have flexible structure which means they can be used at any available site with availability of sunlight
· Due to their small size, they will be perfect match for many different electronic gadgets
A lid of laptop coated with printable solar panel or a smartphone with the same back cover will certainly revolutionize the energy sector.  

Wave power generation

Using sea waves to harness power is an idea still in its nascent form. But with ongoing experimentation in the field, very soon we might witness offshore turbines converting kinetic energy of waves into electrical energy. The prospects of wave power will be huge if technology goes into operational phase.  

Body heat

Now this can be termed as the culmination of innovation, using body heat to harness energy is a crazy thought but science is all about doing crazy things. It is a simple principle of physics that forms of energies are interchangeable, and therefore, heat energy of human body can be used to generate electrical energy. Pilot experiments have been running on different sites where collective body heat of commuters is being used to power buildings.  


Scientists are also looking into the feasibility of algae as a source of bio fuel. Research studies have hinted that this photosynthetic organism have a high heat content that can be used to serve in the place of fossil fuel. Viability of algae as a bio fuel will only be known by the time because it’s still in the experimental phase.  

Floating wind turbines

As we all know that wind above the sea is strong enough to sail yachts. Governments and utility bodies are working to use this untapped surface of oceans through wind turbines. Floating turbines will be stabilized through strong cables attached to the ocean bed with a proper anchoring system. This innovation in renewable energy will be very beneficial for the residential units along the coastal areas
From all the discussed innovations and their prospects, it is evident that one day, the whole world will be running on the renewable energy for the sake of its own existence.