Importance Of Thermography And Its Uses

In the domain of naturopathic practices, thermography is one of the most important procedures through which functioning of the whole body can be assessed. Heat, a form of energy, contains the essence of life and naturopathic medicine believes that its misbalance in the human body can be the underlying cause of many different health complications.  

Procedure of thermography

Thermography involves the measurement of radiations and temperature variations at multiple points on the body. Temperatures are measured before and after stimulating the specific points to deduce the functionality of the whole body with altered temperature readings.  
A good practice of thermography takes temperature readings from more than 100 points on the body to provide an explicit picture of the overall well-being of an individual.

Importance of thermography

There are multiple characteristics highlighting the importance of this naturopathic way of diagnosing different health problems.

Early-stage disease detector

Regular whole body thermographic tests can also be called preventive healthcare measures. In the naturopathic school of medicine, thermal changes within the body can help in notifying about the possibility of future acquirement of diseases. Therefore, routine thermography can greatly help in diagnosing many serious diseases in their early stage.

Physiological testing of the body

Most of the diagnostic testing carried out in the conventional practices of medicine is anatomical in nature. Whether it’s X-rays, MRIs or ultrasounds all these diagnostic tests look into the structural changes and issues instead of physiological changes in the body. On the other hand, thermography hints towards the ongoing biological alterations in the body by mapping the thermal readings of the whole body. Finding about the physiological causes speeds up the process of reaching the root cause of any disease.  

No side effects

Importance of thermography is also highlighted by the fact that zero side effects can be attributed to the procedure. X-rays and CT-scans are widely used diagnostics techniques in the allopathic medicine and both of them are carried out with radioactive electromagnetic rays. It is a well-established fact that radioactivity, even in the minute amount, have detrimental effects on human health.
Thermography is also a cost-effective diagnostic testing procedure where you don’t have to wait for days to get the results. Once the test is done, you immediately get the test report which can be assessed by a naturopathic doctor on the spot.  

Uses of thermography

Thermography can be employed for the detection of many health issues.

Spinal column problems

Thermographic scans help in identifying the pain and degeneration of joints in the spinal column which are strongly associated with various neck and back problems.  

Immune system dysfunction

Thermographic scans help in detecting signs of inflammation in the thoracic area of the spinal column. This technique is helpful in the early detection of immune system dysfunctions.

Digestive system disorders

By detecting localized signs of inflammation, doctors are able to diagnose different digestive system disorders such as Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis.  
Other than that, thermography can be used to detect the primary causes of chronic pains and fatigues. So, one should definitely give this harmless, inexpensive, and effective diagnostic testing a try for better care of health.

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