Features of renting a home vs. renting an apartment

Picking a rental option for your next abode is not a straightforward decision. Particularly in urban settings, where rental costs always remain high, people have to pick the option that can fulfill all the utilities they want without straining their budgets.
People usually have to choose between house and apartments when going for rentals. Therefore, we will try to discuss here the implications and features of both, renting a home and renting an apartment.


The first and foremost distinction in renting a home and an apartment is the difference of their rents. Single home constructions are expensive and therefore their rents are also high as compared to apartments. There will be a significant difference in rents of a 2- bedroom apartment and a home with the same utility. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly rental then apartment is an obvious choice to go with.


Even though modern construction of apartment buildings tries to inculcate a sense of more space by providing large terraces, balconies and hanging gardens, but the space provided in homes is more visceral and hence still unmatched.  
Homes designs provide convenient car parking with adjacent garages and outdoor spaces in the form of yards and lawns. If you are a purist and not facing budget constraints then renting a home would definitely be your natural choice.

Recurrent expenses

Aside from rents, tenants also have to take care of other recurrent expenses in the form of utility bills. Homes require more energy consumption for heating and cooling as compared to apartments and therefore receive hiked up utility bills. It is an important factor to consider when making a decision between renting a home or an apartment.

Privacy and customization

These are the two features due to which people prefer renting homes. Even though modern apartment buildings take care of noise proofing but still it is inevitable to get bothered by some noisy neighbors.
Similarly, all the apartments in a building are constructed on the same design motif. People with a knack for structural designs find it difficult to get the blueprint they want in their rentals.
Since every house is nearly built differently, there are more chances to get the design of your choice when looking for rentals. Moreover, there is more room to flex your artistic and architectural muscles with home buildings.

Proximity to the city center

Many people prefer to rent apartments just because of their proximity to the downtown. This feature saves the time and resource consumed in the commute to schools and working places. Rental homes are usually located in outskirts or a suburban area which makes every day commutes to downtowns very agonizing. Conversely, rental houses available near the city centers have very hefty rents.
For a long-term rental plan, you can also look for rent-to-own houses, available at few locations. Choosing to rent a home or an apartment is a tough choice but can become relatively simple if you consider the discussed features of both the options.

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