The Kitchen Sink

Before pouring chemicals down your drain to try unclogging them, make sure
the pipes are some sort of plastic, like PVC. Cast iron pipes tend to rust
and chemicals can cause serious erosion and even eventually eat through the
pipe, causing leaks and other nasty problems. If you have a shop-vac , you
can try unclogging a double kitchen sink drain by plugging up one side,
then form a seal with tape, towels, or whatever you find handy to get the
vacuum to semi “seal” around the drain, then turn the shop-vac on to blow,
then intake, blow, then intake, etc., until the drain is running freely. If
that fails, don’t forget the trusty bathroom plunger! It works, but don’t
cause too much pressure or you’ll blow the “U drain” clear off the rings!
Then, if you have to, some extra heavy duty Drano could do it, but
use chemicals as a last result if you can.

If the garbage disposal is jammed and makes a noise but won’t turn on,
make absolutely sure there’s nothing that could be blocking it other than
perishables, not glass or metal fragments, but that’s a whole other
ballgame. Just try pressing the red “reset” button found on the underside
of the disposal itself. You may need to get down under the sink with
flashlight to find it, but you’re most likely able to feel your way to it by simply
running your hand along the bottom of it until you find a button, simply
press it and then try turning it on.

Next step, if you know where the Allen wrench is that’s designed to fit
into the hole at the bottom of your disposer, use it. If it still doesn’t
work, it may need some more turning, 2 or 3 times should do the trick. If
it won’t budge using the wrench you can sometimes add more “torque” with
this simple trick: try using the back end of a broom handle to turn the
disposal by sticking down into the drain and turning it in a clockwise
pattern. That should cause enough rotation to reset the disposal and get
it running again.

I hope that was of some help, but if you still can’t get the disposer
going, or the drain just won’t work, call your local plumber, it’s always
better to be safe than sorry, and he’ll almost always know exactly what the
problem is and have it fixed in no time!