Deatherage Services

Every modern home must have a handful of essential services in order to run efficiently. These include things like power, water, and comfort systems. These services are enabled by the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, respectively. When adding onto your home, building a new home or renovating, these essential services must be considered. You will need them, and the best way to ensure your project is completed accurately is by having a single team whose members are all on the same page provide you with the services you need. Joshua Deatherage Services are the experts for the job.

We employ a staff of specialists in every discipline, and that includes these essential services. We have plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists and even alternative energy experts that comprise our vast team. From the ground up, we make sure your project is completed efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner

From fixture installations to pipe repair, drain cleaning and even sewer line excavations, we handle it all. We can build out an entire plumbing system, reroute or add to your existing one, or simply install some new appliances.

Whether you need wiring, rewiring or simple fixtures installed, we can get the job done. We make sure you have sufficient power to meet the needs of your home and your family. From panel upgrades to landscape lighting installation; we have you covered.

You simply can’t go without your comfort system, as it ensures both comfort and health. Your heating and air conditioning units work hard to keep an even temperature throughout your house, and we work hard to keep it working that way.

Solar Power
We’ll design and engineer the perfect renewable power system for your building, and then install your solar panels. With our help, we can turn your whole building as green as possible and reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money.

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