Wind power

If you have been looking for ways to further your energy independence, consider upgrading your home with access to wind power. This clean and green source of energy is one that while it will not be able to supply your entire home electrical needs, it could cause a significant reduction in your bills and energy draw in optimal conditions. You should take the location of your home and a variety of other factors into consideration before deciding to go with wind power, and have your home assessed by a professional contractor to determine if it is right for you.

The Wind Power Advantage

Wind power can make a significant impact on your energy bills if conditions are right, but the impact that it has can greatly vary from home to home. Small differences can actually end up creating major differences in energy output, and a 2mph wind differential may mean 70% more output in some cases. Determining the exact output of a home wind turbine, as the rating of the turbine only refers to it being under optimal conditions, so a turbine rated at 10k Wh will produce that per hour, when the perfect conditions for that turbine is met.

Due to the nature of wind power it isn’t the most reliable form of home energy, but it will make an impact, and a potentially major one at that on your bills, if your home is well-suited for it. In a case where your home is well-suited for introducing wind power, you could see significant savings year round.
Is Wind Power Right For You?

Before you decide to go with wind power, you need to determine if it is right for you and your home. If your home is located at a more elevated position, you will see greater benefits from wind power. This and a variety of other factors all figure into creating a more optimal setup for home wind power.

Home elevation: The higher the elevation the higher speed sustained winds are present. While most home units shut down at 25 mph winds, sustained winds as low as 10-12 mph will see a considerable benefit to your costs.

Open Space: Wind power works best in larger open areas, as these are most likely to have better sustained wind speeds. If you have an acre of land, wind power might be the perfect choice for you.

Turbine Size: The larger the blade, the more potential power that can be generated by it. If you have the space and can afford to install a larger unit, you will reap much greater benefit from it. Small home units may only provide a small amount of extra energy, but when it comes to wind power, bigger is definitely better.

Wind Speeds: What are the average wind speeds where you live? The higher the speeds, the more energy you are likely to get from your home wind power, and if the speeds are more consistent, then you will reap more benefit throughout the year.