Log Siding

If you love the rustic look of a log home, but don’t want to build a new one, there are other options you may want to consider. With log siding you can attached siding directly to the outside of your home that makes it look as if it’s made of log, regardless of what it is actually made out of. Whether you have a brick or wood home, log siding will transform your house into a log cabin almost overnight. For premium log siding and installation, call the siding experts at Joshua Deatherage Builders.

We have proudly offered homeowners excellent exterior remodeling services and upgrades since 1997. We are siding specialists and we work with the industry’s finest so we have access to high quality log siding. Our install technicians are also professionally trained and they possess the skills and tools necessary to quickly and efficiently install your log siding. We’ll have your home looking all natural and gorgeous with authentic looking log siding in no time. That is why we are the number one choice in Missouri for log siding service.

Enhance Your Home With Log Siding

Log siding can be made from real, kiln treated wood or from vinyl made to look like logs. Either way, they are uniquely shaped like the outside of a log cabin so when they are affixed to the outside of your home, it makes it look like a log home no matter what your house is actually made of. This is the biggest appeal to having log siding installed, even though there are a number of other advantages.

For example, you don’t have to paint your log siding. Why? Because if it is made of vinyl, it never needs painting and if it is made of wood, you still don’t want paint on it. The whole reason you have log siding is because it is supposed to look like wood. This makes it relatively low maintenance and will save you on future home maintenance costs. Next, log siding, like all siding, improves your home’s insulation. By creating an insulation envelope around your home, it will be more energy efficient and save you lots of money on your power bill.

The greatest benefit, however, is the look of awe as your neighbors and guests see your home transform. They’ll wonder how a log cabin was built without them ever noticing. So when you want to upgrade your home’s exterior to look like a log home, call Joshua Deatherage Builders.

What is ClearCreek Concrete Log Siding?

ClearCreek Concrete Log Siding is a prefinished insulated siding that was engineered to save time and money by installing in less time and lasting longer. This means less interruption to your busy life.

Our siding gives you options traditional siding does not and it is ready to install YEAR-ROUND!

ClearCreek Concrete Log Siding is an excellent choice. It’s affordable, energy efficient, and virtually maintenance free.

ClearCreek Concrete Log Siding – has a simple approach to design decisions. Our standard system provides beauty, energy efficiency and durability.

Made from Reinforced Concrete
Siding that provides an R-8 Insulation Value
Low Maintenance
Economical, yet durable
Installed by a certified professional
Available in four beautiful wood colors
Covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

​In addition, ClearCreek provides a selection of high-end window and door trim.

The Series 1000 Window and Door Trim Collection completes the Standard System. Trim is available in ClearCreek’s 8 Signature Colors.

Protect your Investment

Depending on your building design, various metal flashings may be included to protect all through wall openings.

Peace of Mind

Your ClearCreek Concrete Log Siding comes with a lifetime limited warranty.