Solar Power

We are an Authorized Missouri Distributor/Installer of Sol-Ark off the grid EMP resistant Solar Power Systems.

With a constant energy crisis and outrages power costs, solar power is a rapidly growing industry. Once, solar panels were far too expensive to develop and the average household could not really consider it an option. Nowadays, however, they are extremely affordable to produce, and companies like us have teams of professionals that are trained to properly install and integrate solar panels into your power system.

We have been leaders in solar power serving for over a decade. We understand the technology better than anyone else around, and we have the resources to offer the highest quality products. That is why we are the preferred choice for solar panel installation, design and integration for homes and businesses.

Solar Installation

You can now enjoy all the comforts of life that electricity provides while helping save home energy and preserve the earth’s resources. We can provide you with professional solar installation that will meet all your energy needs and save you money by cutting down on your energy usage. The solar energy that your photo-voltaic system produces can greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, your dependence on your power company. Get off the grid!!

Solar Design & Engineering

The photo-voltaic systems installed are designed to capture sunlight and convert it to D/C electricity by the solar panels on the roof or in the yard. That power is then converted to standard electricity via an invert-er. After it is converted, it is then fed through your power meter and then goes either to your home for your own personal use or to the grid which is then sold to the utility company. We can give you the best solar design that will get you the maximized results.

Residential Solar Panels

Are you ready to finally get off the grid? Residential solar panels can help your local community and minimize the impact of the energy crisis by reducing your electric usage on the utility grid, and you can even feed the excess power you produce back into the utility during the day when the demand is highest. The utility company will then credit you for this power at the same rate they sell it to you for.

Commercial Solar Panels

If you are a business that spends any part of your bottom line on power bills, consider commercial solar panels. They are more affordable than ever now and will save you more money in the long run. With special financing and available tax breaks and credits, you can be spending less on energy consumption and invest more back into your company.