Steel Foam Buildings

Our steel foam building material can be installed in half the time of other conventional building materials. We have a wide range of options and styles to choose from. We have an efficiency rating of R40 in our walls and R60 in the roof sections. When you want a metal building with quality insulation and superior construction then call the experts. Our builders are professionally trained and masters of their craft. We can quickly and efficiently erect a steel foam building for you at an affordable price. Whether you wish to turn your steel foam building into your residence, storage space or any other shelter, we can get the job done. That is why we are the number one choice in Missouri for steel foam building construction.

What Steel Foam Buildings Can Do For You

One of the most prevalent advantages to steel foam buildings is the fact that pre-engineered buildings cost significantly less than other building materials. They can also be built in a much shorter amount of time, resulting in overall savings on the entire project. Because metal is such a versatile material that can be shaped into almost anything and made any color, the aesthetic value of a steel foam building is also high. Your steel foam building can pretty much be fully customized to your liking.

Steel foam is also weather tight, making it extremely low maintenance. These buildings also last for a long time. Even though metal is traditionally temperature conductive, steel foam is made with insulation in the metal panels so these buildings are highly energy efficient. It is also extremely easy to add onto their construction, since the walls are not load bearing and can be removed in sections.

Overall, steel foam has a ton of advantages over other building materials. If you are interested in learning about how a pre-engineered steel foam building can be made into a home, call us today.

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